car rental kuching

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. Document required

  • NRIC / Passport, Driving License, Flight Itinerary,
  • Age from 20- 65,
  • Show us the same original documents when you pick up the car.

2. car payment

Kindly make FULL PAYMENT upon pick up the car, Cash, Credit Card and Online Bank Transfer acceptable.

3. car rental usage time

Car rental usage time is less than 24 hours still be charged for the full day rate and additional rent at daily rate. Your total rental rate is calculated based on the information provided at time of reservation. Once confirmation and detail provided, NO CANCELLATION after booking.

4. damage / accident

  •  Obey the driving law
  •  No Smoking
  •  No Durians (except packed)
  • No Speeding (speeding in Kuching town area 70km/h , Kuching highway 90km/h. )
  •  No parking at restricted areas
  •  No spills
  •  Eat or drink with care
  • No pet
  • keep personal items at your own risk.
The hirer are responsible for all parking fees or Traffic/JPJ/MBKS /PDRM fines/compound incurred during the rental period.

5. Driving Restrictions

The use of car rental is strictly restricted within Kuching town (EXCEPT Puncak Borneo Highland), Kota Samarahan, and Serian (until Serian Town). Out of these mentioned areas will be imposed a penalty of RM500 unless obtaining prior permission. NOT ALLOWED drive outside Malaysia e.g Indonesia.

A non-negotiable charge of RM500 will be imposed if do not notify us or get prior permission for outstation outside Kuching from us.

6. Extension

Do inform 1 day early to get approval for extension of rental. Any extension will be charged accordingly. For extend hour from Rm10-Rm100/hour based on car model. After 5 hour count as 1 day.

– no rebate or refund for early return

7. car delivery

Free delivery & drop off at Kuching Airport / Kuching Sentral (bus station). Pick up / drop off will be charged for other locations, rate from rm15-50/way. Delivery charges may vary by location and/or based on real-time traffic conditions.

8. Security Deposit

  • Compact RM200
  • Sedan RM200-500
  • MPV, SUV, 4×4, van RM200-1000
  • Refund of Security Deposit will be made upon car return in good condition and clean or after deducting any charges, penalty, police summon and etc.

9. Addtional Charges

Additional charge for midnight delivery – RM50/deliver (10 pm – 8 am)

10. Fuel

Fuel (petrol/diesel), fuel level should be maintained at the same level as when the hirer picks up the car.

11. Vehicle Insurance

You are responsible for the excess not exceeding for compact cars RM1,500, sedan cars RM2000, MPV RM2,500 and larger cars RM3,000. You can waive the excess by purchasing Excess Protection.

  • Compact Rm30/day
  • Sedan Rm40/day
  • Mpv Rm50/day
  • 4×4, Van, Luxury Rm80/day
  • Economy Vehicles:
Estimation of repair cost:
  • Broken Lights: RM200 - RM2000
  • Per Dent: RM100 - RM1500
  • Per Scratch: RM100 - RM500
  • Per Tyre: RM150 - RM600
Repair cost varies depending on the car type and model.
  • The Excess Protection for accident or damage is only applicable for collisions between two moving cars. Any damage, while the vehicle is stationary, will be under the hirer’s responsibility and subject to the excess clause as mentioned above. Excess protection does not apply for damage as a result of your illegal, negligence, careless actions, car loss, tire punctures, bust tire, fuel errors, lack of electricity because of forgotten turned off electrical devices, loss or damage to the vehicle accessories, and damages of windows, mirror, and undercarriage.
  • If the accident or damage to the vehicle is caused by the third-party vehicle, then the hirer is responsible to get all third-party detail such as vehicle registration number, driver’s name, and driving license number. If the claims cannot be made against third-party insurance, therefore all damage will be borne by the hirer subject to the excess clause as mentioned above.
  • We kindly request that you carefully review the terms and conditions outlined in the Vehicle Use Agreement before proceeding. Your comprehension and collaboration are greatly appreciated. We thank you for your ongoing patronage. Please contact us for further clarification